​​​​​​​First Baptist Church

​​  of Barefoot Bay


Wednesdays 6:45pm​​

  • Communion2:02
  • Baptism0:44
Our beliefs can be further explored in the Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

    ​​​​Our statements of belief are based on the Five Sola statements, which  

    are expressed simply as follows

  • Sola Scriptura   Scripture Alone: The Bible alone is our highest authority.

  • Sola Fide           Faith Alone:  We are saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

  • Sola Gratia        Grace Alone:  We are saved by the grace of God alone.

  • Solus Christus   Christ Alone: Our salvation is in Christ, plus nothing else.

  • Soli Deo Gloria  To the Glory of God Alone:  We live for the glory of God alone.​

These statements are explained and expounded upon in the Cambridge Declaration of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (1996)​ and nicely encapsulated in Jeremiah Burroughs' Summary of the Gospel (1657).

Sundays 9:15am |10:30am          ​​

​EST. 1972