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  What was the "hour of prayer" as described in the New Testament? What happened in the temple during this time?


  The Jews observed three hours of prayer each day, corresponding with three sacrificial times. A few mentions in the New Testament describe a general gathering of voluntary worshippers, who stood in the outer courts and prayed as individuals. This prayer was usually aloud, but was not intended to be for an audience (although some made it into a production of self-righteousness). Modern practice consists of ritualistic recitation of certain prayers at certain parts of the day.


  What is the difference between the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit? If they are the same Person, why are there different titles?


  The original Greek is the same phrase for both 'Holy Ghost' and 'Holy Spirit'. Translators used the different English words depending on how they interpreted the actions of the Third Person of the Trinity.


 What is the difference between a priest and a rabbi in the New Testament? What are the differences in duties and roles between the two?


 Priests and rabbis are two completely different things in the New Testament. While priests were by requirement of the tribe of Levi, rabbis could be of any tribe. Priests performed and observed the rituals pertaining to the temple and matters of cleanliness (e.g. declaring lepers clean); when they were not working the biannual week of temple service, the priests lived and worked much like any other Jew. Rabbis, however, were scholars and/or teachers; their duties included activities like teaching (whether formally in the synagogue or informally in the temple and in other gatherings), and settling matters of dispute over the innumerable minutia of the Law.


 When did Paul spend time in Arabia, as described in Galatians 1? How long did he stay there?


  Paul tells the Galatians that, following his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus, he "went away into Arabia" before returning to Damascus. Three years later, Paul says, he went to Jerusalem to meet Peter, having not communicated with the other apostles before then. It is unclear when those three years began, but it can reasonably be assumed that it was a span that began when Paul was converted, and included both his time in Arabia and his time in Damascus.
Sunday School Notes

Date Topic Notes
ReferenceThe Acts of the ApostlesMap: Paul's Missionary Journeys
Aug 13The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Paul’s First Missionary Journey; from Saul to Paul, and from Jews to Gentiles
July 16-Aug 6The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Epistle of James
July 9The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Multiplication of the Church & Renewed Persecution
July 2The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Gospel Goes to the Gentiles
June 25The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Deacon Philip and the Great Commission; the Gospel Goes to Samaria; the Conversion of Saul
June 18The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Great Persecution, Ministry of Philip, and Conversion of Saul
June 11The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Martyrdom of Deacon Stephen
May 28-June 4The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Ministry, Persecution, and Sin Among the Early Church
May 21The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Witness and Persecution of Peter and John
May 14The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the Multiplication of the Church
May 7The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: An Introduction to Acts; the Upper Room; and the Promised Holy Spirit
April 30The GospelsLesson: Jesus Fulfills the Old Testament
50 Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus' First Coming
April 23The GospelsLesson: 40 Days Between Resurrection and Ascension
April 16The GospelsLesson: Resurrection Sunday
April 9The GospelsLesson: Good Friday
April 2The GospelsLesson: Friday of Jesus' Last Week
March 26The GospelsLesson: Thursday Night thru Friday Morning of Jesus' Last Week
March 5 -19The GospelsLesson: Wednesday and Thursday of Jesus' Last Week
Feb 26The GospelsLesson: Tuesday Late Afternoon and Evening
Feb 19The GospelsLesson: Tuesday Afternoon of Jesus' Last Week
Feb 12The GospelsLesson: Tuesday Morning of Jesus’ Last Week
Feb 5The GospelsLesson: Monday of Jesus' Last Week
Jan 29The GospelsLesson: Palm Sunday and Jesus' Entrance Into Jerusalem
The GospelsLesson: On the Road to Jerusalem
Jan 8The GospelsLesson: Purpose for Jesus’ Upcoming Death
Jan 1The GospelsLesson: The Three Manifestations of God’s Kingdom
Dec 18The GospelsLesson: Only Those With Jesus’ Righteousness Can Be a Part of God’s Kingdom
Dec 4-11The GospelsLesson: Jesus’ Ministry from Galilee to Judea
Nov  20-27The GospelsLesson: Humility, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Restoration
Nov 13The GospelsLesson: Jesus Prepares His Disciples for His Death, Resurrection, Ascension, and Return
Oct 22- Nov 6The GospelsLesson: Jesus Will Build His Church
Oct 9-16The GospelsLesson: Bread of Heaven
Oct 2The GospelsLesson: Jesus Prepares His Apostles and Future Generations for His Kingdom Work
Sept 25The GospelsLesson: Five Examples of Jesus’ Miracles and Teachings
Sept 11-18The GospelsLesson: The Kingdom Parables
Aug 28 -Sept 4The GospelsLesson: Two Kinds of People
Aug 21The GospelsLesson: The Authority of Jesus and the Purpose of His Miracles
Aug 7-14The GospelsLesson: The Sermon on the Mount, cont.
July 31The GospelsLesson: The Sermon on the Mount
July 24The GospelsLesson: The Beatitudes
July 17The GospelsLesson: The Twelve Apostles of Jesus
July 3The GospelsLesson: Rise of Opposition to Jesus and the Kingdom of God
June 26The GospelsLesson: Jesus' Early Ministry, and the Kingdom of God
What's the Difference Between the Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven?
June 19The GospelsLesson: Jesus Enters Public Ministry
Further Comparison of Israel to Jesus
June 12The GospelsLesson: Preparation for Jesus' Ministry
Jesus Compared to Israel during the Exodus from Egypt
June 5 The GospelsLesson: Births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ; Christ's Childhood
Map of Jesus' Birth, and Flight to Egypt
May 29The GospelsLesson: Coming Births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ
ReferenceThe Acts of the ApostlesA Harmony of the Gospels
May 22 The GospelsLesson: Preincarnate Christ and Genealogies
Introduction to the Four Gospels
Genealogies of Christ
May 15Intertestamental Period Times and Writings of the Intertestamental Period
May 8 Intertestamental Period 400 Years of Silence
400 Years Timeline & Map
May 1MalachiSummary of the Book of Malachi
April 24

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