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Sunday School


Location: Fellowship Hall​

Teacher: Tonie Robbins

Last year, we finished an in-depth studyof the Old Testament, and are now well into the New Testament. You can view the latest weekly lessons below; click on the link in the 'Notes' column to view the full document in your browser.

You can find our Questions & Answers sheet here. We research answers and update the sheet as questions arise during class.

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Wednesdays 6:45pm​​

Sunday School Notes

Date Topic Notes
ReferenceThe Acts of the ApostlesTimeline: Salvation
Sept 3- Oct 8The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Paul's Letter to the Galatians
Aug 27The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Council at Jerusalem
ReferenceThe Acts of the ApostlesMap: Paul's Missionary Journeys
Aug 13-20The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Paul’s First Missionary Journey; from Saul to Paul, and from Jews to Gentiles
ReferenceThe Acts of the ApostlesTimeline: Paul and the Inspired Letters
July 16-Aug 6The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Letter from James
July 9The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Multiplication of the Church & Renewed Persecution
July 2The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Gospel Goes to the Gentiles
June 25The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Deacon Philip and the Great Commission; the Gospel Goes to Samaria; the Conversion of Saul
June 18The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Great Persecution, Ministry of Philip, and Conversion of Saul
June 11The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Martyrdom of Deacon Stephen
May 28-June 4The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Ministry, Persecution, and Sin Among the Early Church
May 21The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: The Witness and Persecution of Peter and John
May 14The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the Multiplication of the Church
May 7The Acts of the ApostlesLesson: An Introduction to Acts; the Upper Room; and the Promised Holy Spirit
April 30The GospelsLesson: Jesus Fulfills the Old Testament
50 Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus' First Coming
April 23The GospelsLesson: 40 Days Between Resurrection and Ascension
April 16The GospelsLesson: Resurrection Sunday
April 9The GospelsLesson: Good Friday
April 2The GospelsLesson: Friday of Jesus' Last Week
March 26The GospelsLesson: Thursday Night thru Friday Morning of Jesus' Last Week
March 5 -19The GospelsLesson: Wednesday and Thursday of Jesus' Last Week
Feb 26The GospelsLesson: Tuesday Late Afternoon and Evening
Feb 19The GospelsLesson: Tuesday Afternoon of Jesus' Last Week
Feb 12The GospelsLesson: Tuesday Morning of Jesus’ Last Week
Feb 5The GospelsLesson: Monday of Jesus' Last Week
Jan 29The GospelsLesson: Palm Sunday and Jesus' Entrance Into Jerusalem
The GospelsLesson: On the Road to Jerusalem
Jan 8The GospelsLesson: Purpose for Jesus’ Upcoming Death
Jan 1The GospelsLesson: The Three Manifestations of God’s Kingdom
Dec 18The GospelsLesson: Only Those With Jesus’ Righteousness Can Be a Part of God’s Kingdom
Dec 4-11The GospelsLesson: Jesus’ Ministry from Galilee to Judea
Nov  20-27The GospelsLesson: Humility, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Restoration
Nov 13The GospelsLesson: Jesus Prepares His Disciples for His Death, Resurrection, Ascension, and Return
Oct 22- Nov 6The GospelsLesson: Jesus Will Build His Church
Oct 9-16The GospelsLesson: Bread of Heaven
Oct 2The GospelsLesson: Jesus Prepares His Apostles and Future Generations for His Kingdom Work
Sept 25The GospelsLesson: Five Examples of Jesus’ Miracles and Teachings
Sept 11-18The GospelsLesson: The Kingdom Parables
Aug 28 -Sept 4The GospelsLesson: Two Kinds of People
Aug 21The GospelsLesson: The Authority of Jesus and the Purpose of His Miracles
Aug 7-14The GospelsLesson: The Sermon on the Mount, cont.
July 31The GospelsLesson: The Sermon on the Mount
July 24The GospelsLesson: The Beatitudes
July 17The GospelsLesson: The Twelve Apostles of Jesus
July 3The GospelsLesson: Rise of Opposition to Jesus and the Kingdom of God
June 26The GospelsLesson: Jesus' Early Ministry, and the Kingdom of God
What's the Difference Between the Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven?
June 19The GospelsLesson: Jesus Enters Public Ministry
Further Comparison of Israel to Jesus
June 12The GospelsLesson: Preparation for Jesus' Ministry
Jesus Compared to Israel during the Exodus from Egypt
June 5 The GospelsLesson: Births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ; Christ's Childhood
Map of Jesus' Birth, and Flight to Egypt
May 29The GospelsLesson: Coming Births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ
ReferenceThe Acts of the ApostlesA Harmony of the Gospels
May 22 The GospelsLesson: Preincarnate Christ and Genealogies
Introduction to the Four Gospels
Genealogies of Christ
May 15Intertestamental Period Times and Writings of the Intertestamental Period
May 8 Intertestamental Period 400 Years of Silence
400 Years Timeline & Map
May 1MalachiSummary of the Book of Malachi
April 24

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